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Storm Spirit harscapsule

Storm Spirit harscapsule

107204 Storm

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De harscapsule maakt het mogelijk om harsen (resin) te gebruiken in je Storm Spirit vaporizer. Verkruimel een kleine hoeveelheid hars in de capsule, plaats de capsule in de kamer en stel de temperatuur in op 200-240 °C.

Belangrijk: het gebruik van harsen zorgt ervoor dat het mondstuk en het keramische filter sneller verstopt raken dan bij conventioneel gebruik. Het mondstuk en filter kunnen worden gereinigd met tandenstokers, alcoholdoekjes of isopropylalcohol. Je kunt het keramische filter ook verwijderen bij gebruik van harsen. Dit vermindert verstoppingen maar resulteert in een hetere damp.

Klantbeoordelingen voor "Storm Spirit harscapsule"

  • + Fun to fill, empty & clean
  • + Resin vapes very well
  • - Have to clean it between 5 and 10 uses.

To prevent resin sticking on to the device and barely getting it off it....

I lay a thin layer of high grade e-cig vaping cotton (by wick'n vape) on top of the screen in this little thing...

It's better to pull the cotton apart a bit, then push it back together. This helps to make it more "breathable" and helps to prevent bad airflow when vaping.

Then i sprinkle between 7 and 15 tiny bits of soft high grade resin on of the cotton.

Then on top of the resin I put another thin breathable layer of cotton, to prevent the resin from sticking on to the top.

Now put the resin capsule in the Spirit, heat the unit to 240°C and keep the mouthpiece closed. After 60 seconds, when the unit has heated, turn open the mouth piece.

It's surprising how much vapor and effect just tiny amounts of high quality resin is able to provide.

After 5 or 10 minutes, you'll stop getting vapor. That means the resin is fully vaped.

When you open the capsule, you can see the cotton is still just as white;
and the resin still looks brownish in color although a bit darker.

When you crush the vapored resin between your fingers, it crushes into a fine dark brown dust. It is not black or white (like ash) and it's not as fine as ash either.

- Make sure to clean this unit often (i'd say at least once every 10times you vape resin) to ensure proper airflow and increase hygiene of the device. If you let this unit become really dirty it will become hard to clean.

Clean this thing by soaking the removable pieces into 99% medical grade alcohol. The "straw" like mouth piece can be removed by pushing with a pen in the small hole in the little square metal piece beneath on the inside. Push out the metal and then the "straw" gets loose. Be careful you don't break or lose the rubber ring.

Make sure to shake the parts around left and right in the cup of alcohol, after you've let them soak for a while. Thats how little pieces of resin-buildup get unstuck.

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Storm Spirit harscapsule Vragen

Does this fit on XMAX Starry v3 version? can i use dry herb in this?Thank you

yes and yes

Does this resin capsule also fit the starry as well as I’ve been told that they are basically the same machine with minor differences

Yes, the resin capsule is also compatible with the Xmax Starry.

Do you know if this chamber also works in the XMAX Starry V2 as it's very similar to the Storm Spirit?

Yes, this will also fit into your Xmax Starry.

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