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  • peu importe:
    seulement les arômes, juste parfait !
  • Pat:
    Super vapo, esthétique très proche des vaporettes à nicotine, maniable, chargement et nettoyage faciles, autonomie correcte, la partie haute chauffe un peu, sans problème à 200°C, au dessus peut-être moins confortable... Robuste et fiable. Très bon rapport qualité/prix donc !
  • Patrick:
    superschnelle lieferung!!

    zum produkt war mein erster vape und ich muss sagen ich bin begeistert.
    der geschmack das turning alles besser als ich es mir erhofft hatte :)
  • Martin:
    After 1.5 years I would like to finally review the Storm vaporizer here on vaposhop as I ordered it from this site. It was and still is my first own vaporizer.
    First things first: I ordered it with an additional battery, the bubbler mouthpiece and the carry case. That was a good decision after all and after this time I am fully pleased with this product. Not a daily user, but more regularly than not, so it is not collecting any dust in some corner!

    I totally recommend the bubbler mouthpiece to anyone who does not want to get her/his lips burned. The glas mouthpiece gets extremely hot and feels very uncomfortable for several people who have tried it with me. I have never tried the silicon mouthpiece though, so cannot say anything about that. The cool down effect of the bubbler mouthpiece does its job on the hot vape and makes it feel very gentle in your throat (non smoker here). The second battery is almost obligatory, especially if you would like to take your Storm out with you (which most people do) as the battery drain is quite huge. Therefore the carry case does protect your vaporizer and gives you a nice storage for your second battery and all the rest you wanna take with.

    The Storm vaporizer offers you a great value for the money invested. Can recommend it to anyone who does not know which one to start with. Thanks for vaposhop to deliver it so descrete and uncomplicated as well as fast!
  • angel:
    vaporizador de bolsillo compacto discreto y eficiente, la única pega que veo es que la batería, como en todos los vaporizadores de bolsillo no dura demasiado, pero al funcionar con una pila puedes comprar varios recambios y tener siempre energía para storm, prefiero el sistema de pila, si se estropea siempre se puede cambiar, maravilloso para todo tipo de hierba. un 10 para vaposhop!
  • Brock:
    Seconda esperienza con un vaporizzatore... Prodotto quasi perfetto, sono più che soddisfatto! tempi di riscaldamento (a mio parere) abbastanza brevi, in più con il nuovo bocchino in vetro non ci si scotta come con altri che ho provato, punto molto importante!! Durata della batteria come hanno già detto bassa, io direi sui 5-6 utilizzi, comunque svantaggio risolvibile tramite la batteria extra ;) Importante anche la quantità di accessori acquistabili!! (capsula per resine, bubbler, ecc). Consigliatissimo!!!
  • Jin:
    Il vaporizzatore è molto buono e facile da usare. Permette di mischiare tanti tipi di erbe secche e già a temperatura media (luce blu) funziona bene senza raschiare la gola.
    L'unico punto negativo è la batteria, dura 2/3 utilizzi al massimo, poi bisogna ricaricarla, ma per il prezzo non credo si possa pretendere di più.
    Ottimo servizio dalla Vaposhop!

    VapoShop team: grazie mille Jin!
  • Maignaut:
    Commande reçu en 48h ! Vraiment au top. Le vaporisateur est vraiment génial, superbe saveur!
    Petit cadeau échantillon mais dommage le vapo fonctionne entre 180° et 220° et les cadeaux offert Peppermint est à utiliser entre 130 et 160 ° lol . Dommage merci quand même ;)
  • epNL:
    Het was wel even schakelen, naar een vaporizer. Het is inderdaad een totaal andere manier. Ik kan de Storm dan ook niet met andere vaporizers vergelijken, want geen ervaring mee.
    Ik ben het met andere reviewers eens dat de batterij wel wat langer mee zou mogen gaan, vooral als je met meerdere mensen verdampt. Maar, al met al een goed apparaatje. Makkelijk in gebruik en schoon te houden. Warmt snel op. Diverse temperaturen mogelijk (persoonlijke voorkeur is 200 graden). Glazen mondstuk is veel beter dan bijgeleverde rubberen mondstuk. Qua hars ben ik er nog niet uit. Er zit een extra 'inzetstukje' bij dat hier speciaal voor is bedoeld, maar het dampen wil niet echt lukken. Misschien kan het alleen op hogere temperaturen, maar dat wil ik niet i.v.m. schadelijk stoffen die dan alsnog vrijkomen.
  • Edward:
    Super slick design, fits just right in hand. It gets hot if you vape twice in a row with the 3rd setting. Can hold a lot of "herbs" at once but will even work when it isn't totally full. Power lights works more like: white = 100-90% / green = 80-70% / red = 60-10%. Glass mouthpiece gets very hot with using the 2nd setting for longer than 5 minutes. As does the silicone piece, but if you put your lips more over the top cap there will be more silicone separating your lips from the hot steam cloud. Overall it is very fine vaporizer, easy to hide or put in your pocket. I do recommend you to pullout the battery from it since the button is very easily pressed even in your bag (wasted my herbs).

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