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  • Mangler:
    Hammerteil, gute Dampfentwicklung und leckerer Geschmack bei ausgiebiger Akkuleistung.
  • Lux:
    Super Vaporizer
    Kosten werden von der AOK übernommen.
  • Tonypolo:
    I I was reluctant for a long time because I had bought a "pen vaporizer" with poor results and satisfaction. After a few years came the Mighty, so I bought it but always with some doubt. Here, all the doubts have vanished vaporizing first 185 ° not understanding so much and when i vaporize 190 ° - 195 ° i realize because the name Mighty and i was very very happy about this marvelous product. I highly recommend my favorite temperature is now 190 ° but try it according to your tastes and aromas that you put in.
  • Tonypee:
    Eccellente prodotto, dopo tre minuti per capire il tutto il vaporizzatore era già pronto all'uso. Più maneggevole di quanto sembri, si capisce quasi subito come smontare il tutto, il controllo della temperatura è efficace la batteria dura. Unico piccolo difetto è che nella fase di carica ma credo solo fin quando non ci si prende un po la mano un po di materiale finisce attorno alla camera di combustione e non è facilissimo da pulire ma poco male e di sicuro con un po di pratica l'attrezzo per riempire si usa con scioltezza.
  • agnes:
    Trés bien
    Mais dans le cas d'une panne à qui s'adresser pour le faire réparer ?
  • A:
    De Mighty is mijn favoriet onder de portables,hij produceert dikke dampwolken van hoge kwaliteit en de kruiden worden niet verbrand.
    Ik gebruik hem soms met een bubbler ,wat dan weer voor afwisseling zorgt en ook op deze manier is het een zeer aangename ervaring.
    Enige (-)puntje is dat hij misschien wat aan de grote kant is ,maar dat is mijn smartphone ook.
  • Alberto:
    Great vaporizer, the best I've tried!
  • Rune:
    I've had a Mighty for two years now, and have just ordered my second one. Advantages are a huge battery, great draw, large herb chamber and properly cooled vapor. Heating up takes roughly 1.5 minutes on a full charge, but decreases as the battery is drained.

    If Mighty replaced its heater with the no-heat-up-time heater used in the Grasshopper vaporizer, I think we would have a 5-star vaporizer.

    If you take small draws frequently, you'll spend a lot of time and battery waiting for it to heat up. That being said, it's still my favorite vaporizer out there. Better than the Grasshopper which doesn't properly cool the vapor.
  • Koen:
    Crazy loving machine!

    Tastes great en inhales real good.

    Real handy tools comes along, like grinder and Dosing Capsules! Which can be prefilled and placed directly in the chamber for easy filling like bullets in a gun.
    Magical smart!

    Power charger is just good and connector will enter gently in the motherload..

    Its expensive and perfectly designed, thermal conductivity is great it gets gently warm.

    Peace Mightymight
  • kappavita:
    There is no portable vaporizer yet (my opinion) that should get 5 out of 5 stars. Mighty though is almost there! great vape, efficient, odourless, tasteful. My everyday, all day vaporizer. Mighty perfoms always as a star vaporizer and never let me down. Covers all my needs and doesn't seem to ''sweat'' to do that. i own firefly too and feel that i have all i want...

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