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Sam 2018-10-16
  • Amazing flavor
  • Hit after hit after hit after hit, it never g
  • No electronics
  • Super hard hitting
  • Works with herb, hash and dabs
  • Can take a while to master the technique
  • Not great for group sessions due to learning

By far my favorite vaporizer, an absolute face melter. It works with all sorts of material, has the best flavor I've ever had and it's the perfect on-demand convection for me. Yeah, it takes some time to nail the technique, but once you do, no other vape can match the potency of this beast. 0,05g to 0,3g.. it doesn't matter, you'll get super tasty clouds every time! Be sure to grab a high quality butane lighter to really get the best and consistent hits. Be sure to grab some S&B liquid dosing caps if you want to try concentrates in it, those hot air dabs are really something else

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