Grasshopper vaporizer beoordelingen van klanten

PGR 2018-10-23
  • Fast heating
  • Stealthy
  • Expensive
  • Harsh vape
  • Small chamber
  • Unreliable

(Review based on titanium version) The Grasshopper is not for everybody... Actually only worth getting if you need a high level of stealth, or need to spend money on something gimmicky. Overall rating of 2 stars is because it gets super hot very fast and the vape is quite harsh. Stealth rating is a good 4 star rating, it lacks pre-loadable capsules so you have to fill/empty on the go, so top rating is just out of reach.

Lifted 2017-03-11

Good job Vaposhop!! Fast delivery from Amsterdam to Tallinn(Estonia) only 5 workin days!! What about the best vape that gives you so much sweet milky clouds no other item will give!!! And the most spy device ever made!! Thanx Vaposhop

Martin 2017-03-09

The Grasshopper is the perfect vaporizer for 1 person. The quick heat-up and the great performance makes this vaporizer top-tier. Its not the vaporizer you want to get if you are looking for a session vaporizer due to how warm it gets after multiple puffs.

A.Locatelli 2017-01-04

the best ! fast delivery great job vaposhop

Nik 2016-11-15

Fantastic vaporizer, just fantastic, if you're on your own. I still love my Crafty, but that one is now a session vape. The GH is very fast becoming my favourite vape.

Deezel 2016-10-18

I want to say first, excellent service from Vaposhop. As for the Grasshopper Titanium, it's a great product! It has actually exceeded my expectations and in my view worth the extra investment if you can afford it.

Nicole 2016-06-21

Thank you Vaposhop for such a quick delivery to Canada (less than 13 days from Amsterdam to my door). You have a great and patient team and have a quick turn around time to reply to emails. The SS Grasshopper was already charged - I tested it... WOW this is not only a gem but also a keeper! I think my Pax2 which I love will feel lonely for awhile!

Thomas 2016-06-18

Een geweldige snelle vaporizer. Ik heb de grasshopper-vaporizer nu ongeveer 2 weken in gebruik en tot nu toe ben ik erg onder de indruk. De smaak van de kruiden is goed en puur (geen bijsmaakjes van het apparaat). Pluspunten: - snelle opwarmtijd - geen bijsmaakjes - onopvallend en draagbaar - makkelijk in onderhoud Nadelen : -kleine batterij (voor thuis gebruik kan je de grasshopper-vaporizer aan de oplader laten zitten en dat werkt prima. Voor mensen die onderweg meer gebruik willen maken van deze vape raad ik aan om 1 of 2 extra batterijen te halen.

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