Firefly 2 vaporizer beoordelingen van klanten

Janis 2019-02-27

Everything really is ok, apart from the original battery that died just after first two days, so i had to swap to the spare battery right away and now i'm not sure for how long this one will last!

Alex 2018-09-25

I've purchased a Firefly 2 a year and a half ago. I'll split my review in two parts, first is going to be about the vaporizer, the second is about Vaposhop. Firefly 2 is a great vaporizer. I've been very happy useing it for all this time. I've visited a dozen of countries with it in my hand luggage (remember to use the iso alcohol wipes). It's a bit of a hassle to vape with more than 3 people, but completely doable, just need to refill frequently and ideally bring a power bank with you. The taste is superb, I like it better than in Solo or Mighty. It's super discreet and portable, no problem vaping in public. It is very easy to clean. Yes, proper drawing technique is required for best results, that adds complexity for first time users. It never failed me in the last 1.5 years. However just recently a problem occurred. The main body glass cracked without any reason. I'm extremely careful with it and there was no impact. The vaporizer still seemed to be working fine. This is where the second part of the review starts. The unit has 2 year warranty period. So I've sent a message to Vaposhop and they handled the case superbly, I'm more than impressed. I was offered free return shipping, and my choice of either refund, or other vape, or replacement. Without much thought I ordered a Firefly again, because for my use cases it's the best (some time ago I tried and liked Mighty too, but it's huge and not easy to travel with, mainly because of complicated cleaning process). In a 1.5 weeks here I am with a brand new Firefly 2, happy as ever. I sincerely thank you, the Vaposhop team, for all the work you do. You've got yourself a customer for life.

Mr K 2017-10-12

I am an user of original Firefly(1). I got FF2, because it is inconvenient to combine microdosing and vaping using the only one vaporizer. Original FF1 was built like a tank. I dropped it several times and nothing happened. I don´t think FF2 could survive the same. I like the old school look of original Firefly. FF2 still looks fine, I just don´t like the plastic mouthpiece – they created luxury-like design finished with piece of plastic. Just a matter of esthetics… However, the most fundamental problem with FF2 is zero connectivity with my SamsungGalaxyJ3. They developed temperature profiles and finally, they killed everything with this „smart“ (pronounce p-o-i-n-t-l-e-s-s) temp control via app. Even if functional, what is the benefit of the app over built-in switch or button? Is it convenience? No, the user´s dependence on his/her phone is far from any convenience. Is it reliability? Absolutely no. There is no guarantee that your phone connects to FF2 - the list of (in)compatible phones is not complete. Firefly support is cooperative but helpless – their final response was „SamsungGalaxyJ3 is not compatible with the app, sorry“. They keep incompatibility issues hide from potetial customers – up to now, GalaxyJ3 is not on the list incompatible phones. Bussines rules… So basically, my FF2 is stuck on 204°C. If I need to change the temperature setting I do it using the phone of my friend (in case I meet him). Too bizzare? This is the Firefly´s "smart" innovation in real life. Despite of the cripple temp control, probably still the best thing for 1-2 draw (micro)dosing.

Tex 2017-02-21

The Firefly2 vaporizer works like a charm. It is a high quality product that is compact with a sleek polished look. It is easy to use, and easy to clean up. Convection heating instead of burning preserves the true essence of the herb allowing for the intake of the full body flavor of your favorite herbs. The efficient and long lasting battery recharges quickly and is ready to use in under 45-minutes. The high tech glass heating and supply system provides a smooth chemical free vapor path. The Firefly2 has an APP to manage heating profiles for different densities and qualities of herb. It is economical and fun and one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

Frank 2017-02-05

I've had my FF2 for a few weeks now and I'm extremely happy with it. I really don't recognize the negative experiences that some other users have had with it. Some background: I wanted something better and more enjoyable than my trusty old MFLB. It's a great vape, don't get me wrong, and the lifetime warranty is amazing. But it does fall short for me in some areas. The batteries are very limited, so I got a power adapter. A very fine grind is preferable, so I got the finishing grinder. The vapor could be quite harsh on the throat sometimes, especially towards the end of a bowl. I didn't want to get yet another accessory that takes up space and that I'd have to take with me when I visit friends for example. Also, no temperature control. Meaning you can't really regulate what chemicals are released (since they have different boiling points), and it being easier to combust. So I was looking for an easy to use personal on demand vape with excellent vapor straight from the device, no attachments necessary. I use it mostly around the house, but take it with me sometimes when I hit the road. I believe I've found just what I'm looking for in the FF2. Once you figure out the technique (draw at a certain speed) it's capable of seriously big hits. Basically, draw harder until you hear a whistling noise, then slow down your draw speed slightly to be just under that. I'm not a cloud chaser myself (I'd rather see less cloud since it's just wasted material) but the FF2 is definitely capable of delivering big clouds. The longer you draw, the more vapor you get. I'd recommend at least 5 seconds for a small hit, 10+ for a bigger one. Release the touch sensors and draw for a few seconds more to get all the vapor out. If you follow this technique you should get consistently good hits. Don't forget to stir the bowl in between hits. I do it every 3 hits or so. If you don't pack it too full, slapping the device on your hand a few times will do the trick. Vapor is cool, smooth, extremely tasty. No harshness. This gives the flavor of your herbs the opportunity to really shine and be appreciated. Very lasting flavor as well. I can still taste it 20 seconds or so after I've taken the hit. Make sure you grind your material right. This vape wants a coarse grind, the complete opposite of my MFLB. Definitely not too fine, since particles that are too fine can escape from the bowl along the vapor path and clog the mouth piece filter (which is another reason apart from the technique some people may have less than stellar experiences with this device). So in terms of drawing, grinding and packing the bowl the vape does require a bit of technique. I don't mind mastering a certain technique for this vape, because I'm coming from a technique-heavy vape myself. So maybe this could be annoying for others, but for me it's actually quite fun and all part of the ritual. Cleaning is really easy. I got a 50-pack of iso alcohol cleaning wipes with my FF2 (and there's 2 included with the FF2 itself). Scoop out the material from the bowl, use the brush and perhaps one of the small picks that come with the device. Then use one of the iso wipes to clean the bowl and the vapor path on both sides (the vape itself and the lid). Make sure you don't touch the rubber band along the edge of the lid, since I've heard from people it can start to come loose if you bring it into contact with the iso too often. This makes cleaning the lid a bit tricky since you have to be quite precise. Luckily, cleaning doesn't have to happen that often (not for my use pattern anyway). I'd say every 5 bowls or so. And it's very quick. Under a minute. Batteries are pretty good. I generally use the device on the medium low temperature at 100% power tuning (both settings are found in the app, which could use some improvement by the way). One battery lasts me a few bowls, and I need less than one bowl to get pretty blazed. For people with higher tolerances that need one bowl or more to feel something this could be a problem. Since I never smoked however, my tolerance is quite low (I think) and so it's no issue for me. The stealth factor is definitely less than my MFLB since it does smell more. Simplicity and robustness as well. This is not a vape that will survive a 4 meter drop off a balcony (as my MFLB did). And it can't beat that life time hassle free warranty. MFLB: life time, Grasshopper: life time, Pax: 10 years, FF2: 2 years. That's definitely a bit of a letdown for such a premium product. But we'll see how it holds up. As mentioned, the app could use some improvements, such as a more accurate battery indicator, the actual temperatures shown inside the app rather than just "low, medium low, medium.. etc. which is a bit vague. The temps are in the manual, but still. It would be easier to display them in-app. Maybe some more touch sensor customization? Being able to switch between temps without use of the app or something. Cause that can be annoying for people who want to do that more often than I do (I usually just have it on medium low, sometimes bump it up to medium high). Also this vape doesn't like to get cold. When it gets too cold and you try to activate it, it will pulse green for a few seconds and then blink red. Having to reactivate it a bunch of times just for it to heat up a little and stop doing that can be annoying. No problem if you live in California maybe, but definitely annoying in colder climates. So, all in all the FF2 does exactly what I wanted. An amazing improvement in almost every aspect over my MFLB.

koen stehmann 2017-01-10

Ik wil inderdaad toch ook nog wat kwijt over de firefly 2. heb hem nu ongeveer 4 maanden en ik ben het met de laatste reviews eens,, vaposhop,, super,, maar dit apparaat kan niet wat ik zou willen, mooie volle halen, mooie damp en lang gebruik.... de smaak.. dat is echt het enigste die echt niet normaal lekker is,,, je proeft zoveel, maar meestal in de eerste haal, zonder damp... (die combi zou perfect zijn) slechte ontbranding van de kruiden,, veel roeren,, en heel constant inhaleren( je zou maar astma hebben) of je door een rietje ademt.. concentraten gaan aardig, olie ook maar je moet echt niet teveel erop doen.. batterij is inderdaad ook niet veel soeps... haal de avond nieteens met 2 accus, en dan neem ik echt niet veel,, 0,2 gram zoiets... dus denk voor thuis een goeie verdamper neerknallen ..

Scirzo 2016-12-14

Over Vaposhop niks dan goeds. Laat dat duidelijk zijn. Een betere shop is er niet voor je damp-gerei. De Firefly 2 kreeg ik (zonder enige discussie!) met een leuke korting toen een ander apparaat kapot ging tijdens de garantieperiode. Dat is dus echt top! De Firefly 2? Mèh...Medicinaal en microdosing misschien? Niet voor grootverbruikers!! Pro: -Mooi design -Makkelijk schoon te maken -geschikt voor kruiden en wax en olie Cons: -Veel te veel weerstand bij inhaleren -Veel te weinig effect voor mijn tolerantiegrens. -Zeer zwakke batterij (vandaar het Reserve-exemplaar) meer dan 25 volledige halen haal je echt niet. -Temperatuur alleen met een App op je telefoon instelbaar. -Elke twee haaltjes verplicht roeren anders raakt de hete lucht niet alle kruiden. -Voor wax of olie zijn 3 pads meegeleverd. Die kan je niet schoonmaken (wordt afgeraden) en maar een paar keer hergebruiken. Kaching! De Firefly 2 werkt alleen goed na een leercurve. Je moet je kruiden op een bepaalde manier malen, het bakje op een precieze manier vullen, op een specifieke manier en in een specifiek tempo inhaleren. Dat is niks voor mij (en ik denk ook niet voor de meeste andere mensen) Alleen als je OCD hebt is het waarschijnlijk je favoriete damper....Tenzij je een hoge tolerantiegrens hebt. Dan moet je echt ver van dit apparaat vandaan blijven. Dit is een apparaatje voor mensen die af en toe een paar kleine haaltjes willen nemen en niet te veel willen merken.

StrikeVengeance 2016-10-25

This is my first vape and I decided to not waste time and go for the best immediately. The FF2 is a quality built device, well packaged and stylish. Its ideal for a very fast hit and go situation and this is the main reason I got this one. I did my first trial runs with a long time volcano user, but we both had the same impressions. I'll skip to the issues only as those are what you need to live with: 1.) Immediately I had to upgrade the firmware which required me to also remove the battery to get it to work 2.) I got no clouds unless I used the "high setting" which also showed visible burn marks 3.) Despite the unit being "ready" to use, the first draw is really weak, but has the most flavor. You need to hit it at least 2x for it to show any clouds. Once it gets warmed up it starts to become very enjoyable. I'm just not used to not getting clouds. 4.) On a few occasions I've had to remove the battery it to get the FF2 to work again 5.) The battery lasts for about 2 well used bowls 6.) We found ourselves having to stir the bowl nearly every 2nd draw 7.) Its super expensive and then I also had to pay another CHF 60.- for import duties, it would have been great to choose a shipping value, ouch! 8.) I wish I could charge the spare battery while I'm using the primary, but that battery must be in the device to charge it 9.) I can't seem to change the heat profile without using my iPhone which is a bit inconvenient 10.) I wish there was an accessory to attach this to a bubbler. Overall with some practice and understanding its still a great vape and like any new car needs a bit of miles before it drives well. The taste is a completely unique experience on its own.

High Guy 2016-09-28

I love this device. I have three new types of vape this year (FF2, GH and Crafty) and have been a long time Volcano user. The FF2 is by far my favorite overall. The FF2 provides the most enjoyable vaping experience I've had - it's the smoothest, most potent, cool vapor I've ever taken into my lungs. I’ve noticed so many different flavors that I have never experienced before I used the Firefly 2.

MJ808 2016-09-26

Firefly2 has opened my eyes to the world of vaping! The convection heating is wonderful ! Not only is it extremely tasty and smooth but it also doesn't waste material and it heats evenly. Because your breath is what activates the vapor, I feel fully in control. Once you start using this vaporizer, it just keeps getting better and better. One of my favorite things about this vaporizer is how easy it is to load and clean which is much better than other experiences I've had! Takes only a few seconds and is never messy. I love my Firefly2!

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