Boundless CF beoordelingen van klanten

Jor 2018-11-08
  • Goede vape
  • Korte levensduur

Aangeschaft nadat de Flowermate V5.0 het na vijf maanden begeven had - nu begrijp ik plotseling waar V5.0 voor staat... ;-) Toegegeven: hij geeft een goede vape. Beter dan de Flowermate. Maar ook de Boundless CF heeft een zeer beperkte levensduur. Onvermijdelijk, aangezien de contacten rechtstreeks (FM en BCF) op de keramische elementen zijn gesoldeerd. Redelijk apparaat. Geschikt voor incidenteel gebruik.

Antonis 2018-03-21

Excellent product. Works best for me at lowest temperature. Rugged design, large enough chamber, easy to use. The very aromatic vaping fumes stay cool, so does the device all time you need.

Tim 2017-08-30

Really good product, I've had this for 3 or 4 months now and continues to impress me. Really worth the money. The only issue considering is the battery, once its dead it takes an hour or 2 to charge while you wait. This is the only down side. great product

Gabriele 2017-04-19

very simple to use, works great, taste is great both with flowers and toba and it is very tough... it even happened i dropped it accidentaly in the water, i put it in the over at 60C for 1 hour and it's still rocking, think there's nothing better in this price range, i love my boudless cf =)

Maarten 2017-04-01

Ja echt een super vap de beste die ik heb gehad.

Avillax 2016-11-17

1 year ago I bought an IMAG vaporizer, at the beginning I was getting effects with it (didn't have much resistance) but it quickly became impossible to get that with its low vapor production. Then I bought the Boundless CF, I used it in the mountains with a perfect view and I got effects instantly, with perfect sensations. The load chamber had only half a load. 4/5 just because I didn't see big vapor clouds in the 2 occasions I've used it. I used the second and third heat levels. The effect was so good and came fast that I told my girlfriend that the $150 were well spent. This is a portable vaporizer that does the job of getting you on the spot quickly, so I would say it is powerful enough. I can also taste the product unlike with the IMAG.

Jap 2016-11-09

Bought this as my first vaporizer and I have been enjoying it a lot. Great vapor production and works well with small loads. When I shared it with friends everyone liked it as well.

Stefano 2016-10-14

This is a real good budget vaporizer, I buoght that because I want to start to vapo with a relatively low cost vape, and I really satisfied with it! Simply to use and clean and really enjoyable.

Dima 2016-09-06

Excellent vape. Great efficiency, pretty good taste and huge vapor clouds, especially through water with the WPA. No vape can beat this within its price range. Works best with amounts of 0.1g-0.3g. The best portable in group sessions. Don't buy as a 'on demand'- unit despite the fast heading time.

Piergiorgio 2016-08-07

Great value and excellent taste, the product works really well. I recommend cleaning it before the first use and running it empty a few times to remove factory taste. So far it's been smooth and really fast A perfect model to suit the needs of a first time user.

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