De Verdamper beoordelingen

  • Danny:
    Ik gebruik De Verdamper nu ongeveer 10 jaar, of langer, en vrijwel dagelijks.
    Zelfs zo’n 10 jaar later is hij nog als nieuw. Dit is een duurzame verdamper!
    De verdamper is simpel in gebruik. Gewoon je hand erop, om realtime de temperatuur hoger of lager te maken. Je hoeft niks in te stellen of ergens op te drukken om de temperatuur te regelen, gewoon met je hand reguleer je de temperatuur. Ook zit er geen elektronisch smaakje aan. Het verwarmingselement is echt alleen het verwarmingselement, er zit geen elektronica in. Dus je hebt letterlijk alleen het verwarmingselement waar de lucht langs stroomt, die uiteindelijk in je longen belandt, dus geen luchtverontreinigingen hierdoor. Ook kleurt het verwarmingselement niet blauw, dus ook hier geen luchtverontreinigingen (schadelijke ionen) in je longen.

    In de large versie gaat lekker veel water. Echt een genot in de zomer met een paar ijsklontjes erin.

    Daarnaast heeft De Verdamper een speciaal uiterlijk. Heel mooi ontwerp.
  • Anthony:
    I brought my vaporizer over 15 years ago and it has been an amazing piece of kit. I would recommend this to everyone to own. Some say it is very easily breakable but I have only just damaged the bowl after all these years and it has been in more or less daily use. It is the best non portable vaporizer available and will continue to offer the best medium for pure intake.
  • Daan Aarnoutse:
    Evert, mijn dankbaarheid grenst aan waanzin! Al jaren enkel puur genoten van het giegelkruid en sinds vorige zomer geniet ik regelmatig van deze fijne methode. Aangeschaft in de Alkmaarse winkel Any Time, begeleid door fantastische service van de aanwezige medewerkers. Inmiddels aangeraden aan familie en vrienden.
  • Bill Bonghead:
    Very very breakable. Replacement parts are very expensive.
  • Tim:
    I visited Amsterdam in June this year and tested out De Verdamper for the first time. Being a fan of vaporizers I knew I had to buy the product. After talking with the girl at the store in Amsterdam I decided vaposhop would be the best way to get the product in Canada at the best price. I waited 3 months for the large De Verdamper to get in stock and placed the order as soon as I could. The shipment came in the mail after a few weeks and everything inside was good quality and packaged well. The only problem was that the "down tube" and "inhale tube" were not in the box!!! I emailed vaposhop right away and have been waiting for a response for a week now. The De Verdamper cannot be used without these pieces so I hope they will respond to me soon and send the pieces. I would love to try it out! There are lots of positive reviews on here so that gives me faith in the company. Although I am getting a little concerned and hope to hear a response soon...
  • RJ:
    If your thinking about getting this vapeoriser then grab it, the simplistic design and non toxic materials make it probably one of the best if not the best vaporiser for your home.
    Never tried it and bought after thorough research.

    Not bothered about it not being adjustable heat as its set perfect and you can always wack your hand over the top to increase temperature.

    Really is a high quality item and the clouds are lovely and dense once your mid way through.
    Leaves no smell and can only describe the hit as medical grade, really hits the spot erytime.
    Leaves me medicated for hours and hours without a doubt. Never going back to the zoots.

    Has helped me kill my tobacco addiction where i would smoke on average 10 zoots a day and would never feel high no matter how good a grade. My herb consumption has reduced 10 X.
    Was a user of tobacco for over 20 years and feels great to have my life back and to feel so "IRIE".

    Leaves you feeling medicated and full of energy to go out and face the day.

    VAPOSHOP is the best for price and service and would not hesitate to order again. Really took care of me throughout the purchase. Even when i werent happy with glass jar i contacted them and sent mine back and had a brandnew one come straight out and also refund on return postage. They treated me real good and can not thank them enough.

    Same vape in uk is £400 so to get it for a smidge under £300 for the Large is a bonus. If vaposhop can sell it £100 cheaper and still make a profit really goes to show how good a company Vaposhop are in giving customers the best price.

    Shout out to Christophe & Shanna and rest of the gang @VAPOSHOP.

    If you and old skool toker that wants to clean up themselves then this is you.
    Worth the money so quit debating it and kop it as you wont regret or any of the herborizer glass pipes as they similar to the verdamper.

  • MartinF:
    I've had one of these since the very earliest days and it's the boss! My only adverse comment is that there is no way to adjust the heat and sometimes, especially with a fine grind, the mix can get smoky. We simply added a soldering iron variable transformer in the supply and bingo - infinitely adjustable. You do have to think hard about the security of your glass ware though, especially with solid floors and when you are mashed... too easy to break and expensive to replace. However the ease and quality of the experience make it simply the best!
  • Erik:
    Beste aankoop ooit, kan ik iedere afficionado aanbevelen. Een standbeeld voor deze man! Prima service ook, snel en discreet.
  • phil:
    Seit 5 Jahren in Gebrauch, und ich kann nur sagen, dass es keinen besseren Vaporizer auf diesem Planeten gibt. Simpel, perfekt, schön. Bester Dampf!
  • Enrique:
    Me decidí por la genial tienda "Vaposhop" para comprar esta maravilla, y no me arrepiento nada. Estamos frente al mejor vaporizador que existe, atemporal y para siempre. Vapor denso y delicioso, fácil de utilizar y unos ciegos para morirse. 10/10

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