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Herborizer Sphere

De Herborizer Sphere is gemaakt van PYREX glas, dat extra bestendig is tegen stoten en plotselinge temperatuurveranderingen. Deze hoogwaardige vaporizer is beschikbaar in twee maten.

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Herborizer Sphere $ 305,16

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Totaal: $ 305,16

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Herborizer Sphere

De Herborizer Sphere is gemaakt van PYREX ģ glas, een soort borosilicaat glas dat extra bestendig is tegen stoten en plotselinge temperatuurveranderingen. Vooral ook omdat het bestendig is tegen de inwerking van chemicaliŽn is het met name geschikt voor het vervaardigen van laboratorium benodigdheden. Het glas wordt handgeblazen in een klein atelier in Montpellier, Frankrijk.

Deze hoogwaardige vaporizer is beschikbaar in twee maten. Alleen bij de XL uitvoering kun je de temperatuur zelf instellen.

Hoewel damp al zuiver is en niet gefilterd hoeft te worden, kan er in de bol van deze vaporizer water gedaan worden om de damp wat af te koelen.

Herborizer Sphere:

Dit model verhit de kruiden op een constante temperatuur van circa 190įC. De complete set bevat: de glazen buis, het verwarmingselement, een glazen roerstokje, de adapter en het snoer met aan/uit schakelaar.

  • Hoogte: 29 cm
  • Diameter: 11 cm
  • Dikte glas: 2.5 mm
  • Volume van de bol: 500 ml
  • Gewicht: 1070 gram
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  • Gaz:

    I did not like my herborizer , the product was good quality and the service from vaposhop excellent. I found that because it is set to one temperature it does not always get the right heat to bring the best flavour from your herbs. I think you would be better advised to get the heat adjustable model. I have since sold this as was not happy.

  • Madmark :

    Never has so little, lasted so long 😜

  • Arno:

    The Herborizer Sphere Review Pros: Healthier than smoking. No additional flavors, like metal or plastic. Beautiful object to look at. The bowl has a large capacity. Thick vapor arises. The bowl and injector are adaptable to other bongs. Cons: Price might be an issue for casual smokers to make the cross-over. No maintenance manual provided. The availability of accessories is limited or they are at least difficult to find. The basics: On October 24th, I placed an order on Vaposhop.nl for the Herborizer Sphere. The order was received on the next Saturday, October 27. There were no delivery problems. Everything was intact and complete. I got the chamber, the bowl, injector, adapter, five steel gauzes and a mouth piece. Specific information: When the Herborizer Sphere got delivered I was at home, so I immediately unpacked it for a first try. After assembly it got plugged in. After about 6 -8 minutes the injector was well hot enough to start vaporizing. So I filled up my bowl with herb and started inhaling. You can clearly see the vapor collecting in the chamber. Only difference Iíve noticed is the lack of brief dizziness you apparently get from inhaling smoke, cigarette or other. After using the Herborizer Sphere for a couple of weeks now Iíve no regrets in buying it. Itís going to save me money and my health in the long run, all the way providing me with a great tasting effect. Conclusion: Overall, my experience with the Herborizer Sphere is positive. It was up and running within minutes of assembly. I donít have much experience with other vaporizers but the beautiful glass design of the Herborizer means itís inert and will not react with the air or other substances and thus will taste of nothing but the herb or whatever you put in the bowl. A vaporizer I did have prior experience with is the Verdamper. I tried it at the Baba shop in Amsterdam. The herborizer and Verdamper have a similar taste and experience. If anyone has any questions about the Herborizer Sphere, leave a comment to my review and I'll get back to you."

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  • Mark: 2014-11-14 00:25:02
    Hi guys! Do u sell the whip for the herborizer ! Many thanks Mark williams
    As far as we know there is currently no whip available for the Herborizer from the manufacturer.
  • Merlijn: 2015-09-28 18:14:05
    Hey guys, Is the temperature regulator that comes with the Herborizer Sphere XL also available for sale as an accessoires for the Herborizer Sphere basic? If not, does the temperature regulator really add to the vaporizer, or does it work perfectly fine without it too? All best!
    The temperature controller alone cannot be used with the Basic version, it'd require an XL Injector as well. Being able to control the temperature is a great feature that adds more flexibility, but the Basic version is an excellent functioning unit.
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