XVAPE Fog beoordelingen van klanten

Ramirez 2018-09-14

Kan enkel vergelijken met de pax2 omdat dit de enige zijn die ik bezit . De Fog is discreter dan mijn pax, de pax is immers een "stinkertje": bij het opwarmen ruikt hij stevig, terwijl de Fog bijna geen geur loslaat bij het opwarmen. De Fog heeft ook een verwisselbare accu, wat de levensduur van het toestel ten goede komt. Het toestel levert een mooie smaakvolle damp, is zeer eenvoudig te bedienen (1 knop) en is eenvoudig schoon te maken. (borsteltje en pakking-tool meegeleverd) Als eerste vape is dit zeker een aanrader, eenvoudig, niet te groot, en aan deze prijs zeker de moeite. Hoewel ondanks de geur de pax2 mijn favoriet is, zit deze er kort bij en hij is nu een stuk voordeliger dan de pax2!

speakeasy 2018-01-27

This is my feedback on the Fog after having owned a Storm for the last two years (a great vape whose only real failing was the rather clumsy rubber top). There are several things I like about the Fog including the form factor (fits very nicely in the hand), the loading bay and the magnetic mouthpiece, but there are a couple of issues: a) the throughflow of air is very limited (like the early version of the Storm). Not sure if this is due to the device being convection. Maybe this is a matter of personal preference. b) the ceramic filter gets dirtier more quickly than the Storm and is slightly more difficult to clean. With the Storm, a quick blow on the metal mesh filter is enough to clear it of detritus. With the Fog, the detritus tends to stick to the ceramic mouthpiece and cannot easily be blown off. c) but the main issue for me is that I am red-green colourblind (along with 8% of the male population) and I cannot tell how much charge remains in the battery. The green/full light looks just the same to me as the red/empty light which means that I have to change the battery every other session. Overall a good product at a great price.

hoodieman 2017-12-21

It's really good! A big upgrade over my previous vape (g pro). Doesn't get too hot, easy to clean, charges fast. The taste is really nice and doesnt get a burned taste even after multiple sessions on highest setting. Hits hard. Nice and premium feel to it, fits hand perfectly. Great value for money, and great value overall :) Note that contrary to the product description, this device does not have pass through charging. The moment you plug the cable - the device turns off. There is no mention of pass through charging in the included manual, so i suppose it's an error in the description on this site. No biggie for me as it charges fast, but it may matter to some. Also, be careful not to rub it against metal objects (eg in your pocket) as it can get scratched. All in all, I'm more than satisfied with the device. It's sleek, simple and efficient. Would definitely buy again. VapoShop: thank you for your feedback hoodieman!

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