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Anoniem 2016-12-05

A great personal vaporizer for outgoing people. The design is very good. I used it at home also with the electricity adapter. Great for personal usage.

max 2016-10-17

Werd na ongeveer 35u geleverd ('s avonds besteld). Ik vind het een goede vaporizer. Lees de gebruiksaanwijzing. Zorg dat het kruid droog en zeer fijn gemalen is. Wees heel voorzichtig met de screen waar je het kruid op legt, want dat kan gemakkelijk kapot gaan door te ruwe behandeling. Laat het glazen pijpje niet vallen, want dan is het waarschijnlijk kapot.

Ritch 2016-08-19

Great product, A bit of learning and of you go! and very good shop, thanks

Gnarbuckle 2016-03-18

Great product. Worth the investment. Great quality, great finish. Good result when vaping marijuana vs. traditional combustion smoking. Incredibly small and portable and nice stealth factor. Comes in a handy tin will all the right accessories. Fast shipping, well packed and discrete. Recommended. 5/5

Has 2016-02-01

Topapparaat. Lowtech machine doet het voor hash, en zelfs dabs (in adapter). Maakt van oude soortjes weer lentegrass. Erg fijn grindertje wat erbij hoort. Zwak punt is het screentje waarop je je kruiden legt, gewoon voorzichtig mee doen.

vapor83 2015-03-13

Great product and service. Perfect alternative to smoking.

Aman 2015-02-16

If you buy this unit be conscious you'll have to take very much care of your heating element and use alcohol isopropyl to screw carbon formation on it and on regular basis, please, don't let it turned black! I had one for three years but i won't buy another one anymore. It burns a lot of battery if you use it an a daily basis. It doesn't produce great heavy puffs but it gets the job done. The best point of this model is for me the taste. It pours out terpenes flavors to your mouth a certain way that is unique to this model and you can see its through pouring out in the chamber from your dry herbs. But the weakest point are fragility of warming screen and the fact it produces carbon residues makes me think it could performs far better but definitely will have to buy you another unit after only 3 years of use if you don't keep it clean or even. It is also very hungry with battery and your battery will loose their power too using them, so will have definitely to buy a power adapter to use this unit. The very bad point, at last, is that supposed electric unit produce carbon i won't recommend this model, unless you're completely fond of it? By the way, you can trust vaposhop and this website!;) Great job!

constantina 2014-11-27

Thank you Vaposhop for great service and products. Will be ordering more stuff soon...

George 2014-10-29

Just tried it for a couple of days and what I have to say is that the combustion days are over. Portable, practical, discreet and efficient. There is a bit of a learning curve but after 2-3 hits, you gotta love this tiny apparatus for it does what it claims. Just order a couple more draw stems for you and your buddies cause everyone want a kiss. I may consider later buying an ac/dc adaptor or some batteries but the whole package is just fine for the beggining. Thumbs up!

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