VaporGenie Classic beoordelingen van klanten

Adrian 2017-02-15

I bought this VaporGenie as a gift for my parents. I've been using mine for years now and it's just a great experience and I like to share it. The service at Vaposhop has been excellent and the delivery incredibly fast (less than 48 hours) and I found the package right in front of my door. Which is quite an astonishing feat considering I live in Spain. Overall a great experience and I recommend it.

Valitsa 2016-10-06

Excellent vape (my first one) and the delivery was also fast! Thank you Vaposhop!

Mosi 2016-03-06

My first vape..i think the best start!

Nitya 2016-02-27

This is one of the best vaporizers you can get. They are beautiful,they have nice vibes,they have no electronic,they are easy to pass to your friends,they don't get dirty and if you take care of them you can have them for the rest of your life. What else can you want? I like the most that this vaporizers gives you the experience between smoking and vaporizing and it is so nice.My friends all love this vaporizer and the folks who saw it for the first time are all very excited and they all say good things about it. I'm definitely buying myself another one of this . A vouch to Vaposhop the vaporizer was delivered very fast,got some nice stickers and a box with peppermint nice company.

Vince 2015-12-08

My first vape, got it yesterday and I really like it. I read some tutorials and reviews before ordering it, so i found it quite easy to use, and I feel like I'm improving each time. And delivery was pretty fast. I'm really satisfied with both the vendor and the product !

Pekka 2014-08-01

My first vape and it's awesome, you can really taste your herb. Excellent value and fast delivery.

Sylvia 2014-07-15

Even light vapor will be visible in the bowl and as you exhale. If you want the vapor to be more dense there are two things you can do: put a little more herbs in the chamber, or leave the herb chamber connected on top of the unit for an extra minute or two before filling the bowl. Sometimes if the vapor is too light it means the chamber didn't have a chance to heat up enough first. Overall this is still my #1 vape and I'm sure you'll love it.

Dibengaya 2012-11-08

I bought a vaporgenie (maple) few weeks ago. I really love it , I have a Volcano also but I prefer using my little vaporgenie.. I highly recommend it. You can trust Vaposhop! Thanks.

Sky I 2012-06-28

Excellent quality/value. Very easy, clean and tasty vaporizer. I love it.

Tom 2012-05-31

Ik ben nog nooit zo enthousiast over een vaporizer geweest. Ook voor vloeistoffen en olie is hij heel geschikt, gewoon wat assen erin op het gaasje, vloeistof of olie erbovenop en verdampen die handel. Enige nadeel aan deze vaporizer is dat sommige mensen er nooit echt goed mee leren werken, anderen daarentegen (zoals mezelf gelukkig) hebben er direct een 'feeling' voor en dan zorgt deze vaporizer onmiddellijk voor zuivere, grote, dikke dampwolken. Ik ben inmiddels volledig bekeerd tot het vaporgenie-dom en bestel enkel nog vaporizers van hun merk. Ik ben zelf nooit echt een fan geweest van digitale vaporizers omdat je minder directe controle hebt over hetgeen je derdampt, ook al zorgen ze vaak wel voor zuiverdere damp als de temperatuur net goed zit, maar ik geloof niet dat je voor 40 euro een andere vaporizer kan vinden die zo goed zijn werk doet, draagbaar is en eveneens niet breekbaar.

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