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M.S 2018-04-21
  • cheap,adaptible,compatible
  • after using this, smoking weed doesn't hit...

Good product, i broke the middle part but it really doesn't need it, works fine with top and adapter part.

Nick Microutsicos 2016-10-29

The flavor this unit produces is amazing. I love the effect it gives and it is a simple product idea. I have cracked 2 of the tips, and I believe this happens when you heat the bottom of the cane too much. When you get this unit focus on heating the top only to prolong it's life. There is a replacement warranty though and you can still use the cracked units so I don't mind getting a new one when they crack. Overall awesome product. Way easier on your Lungs than smoking

Bud 2016-10-12

The people who wrote the other reviews must be using the product incorrectly. I've been using the same vapocane for over 2 years and it's still going strong. This is the best product I've ever bought. If you enjoy vapourizing and using water filters, and you aren't a careless idiot, this is an amazing product.

Jonathan 2012-06-10

I have broken 4 of them or so (the top part is really badly made), and have had to buy an entire kit again and again. I don't understand the logic of this, maybe they are making more money on (useless) torch lighters and brushes than on the glass pieces. I give it two stars because the vapor flavor is unbeatable. I have used the MFLB, Vaporgenie and Herborizer before, so this is what I have for reference. Thumbs up for simplicity and flavor, major thumbs down for reliability and customer care.

peter file. 2012-02-03

bought this, was well stoked about it never spent 50 notes on equipment before. read instructions put all together and ..... smash. the pipe shattered, i hadnt even put a flame to it. borosilical or whatever is suppose to be strong and heat resistant. if i was about to test it out for real , in hind site i would have needed saftey specs . not inpressed. might aswell inhale the dirty black stuff, probably safer.

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