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SuperPollen 2019-03-09
  • Great airflow so not too harsh on the throat
  • Made from nontoxic materials
  • Most efficient at vaping small amounts of pro
  • Perfect for hash, very efficient with small a
  • Tastes very pure
  • Not stealthy to use in public
  • Takes more work to heat it than an electrical
  • Takes some skill to master

I bought the Classic version because the Mica "supposedly" helps to vape hash more efficiently than the Basic version would, as hash needs to reach higher temperatures. It's better to heat the Vapman too less than too hot. You can get big hits from it, but on lower temperatures with (more) invisible vapors you can taste the hash anyway. So you will get effects from it a few minutes after you quit inhaling, even if you didn't see vapor. Enjoy!

Mic 2019-01-19

A very unique and versatile Swiss made vaporizer. The taste is phenomenal even though it's a cunduction vaporizer. The bowl seems to be a bit small, but the Vapman is one of the most efficient vaporizers I know and it can hit hard. It has definitely a bit of a learning curve, like most butane powered vaporizers. Once you found the right heating technique this little device is a top tier vape. I think that the Vapman is a must have vape for the flavor chasers. Five stars!

T 2011-04-23

stealth, convenient, small, efficient... grows on you and makes you forget about combustion in no times.

Psychonaut 2009-06-08

I own a vapman for around 4 month now and I have to say that I really love him. Very easy to use, works just great and hits heavy. Not optimal if you want to use it with several persons together. Its more a vaporizer for one or two persons. Although the ligher isnt 100% optimal imho. When the lighter is cold the flame is a bit small. When the lighter is warm there is greater pressure and the flame is optimal. All in all its def. a buy and when I will lose my vapman I will immediately buy a new one! 5/5 stars. Very good!

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