Sticky Brick Junior beoordelingen van klanten

Maarten 2019-03-05
  • Excellent vapor quality.
  • Fantastic build quality.

Super mooie vaporizer. Was in het begin een beetje oefenen met de vlam en de draw, maar nu een aantal keer gebruikt te hebben is het echt een blijvertje geworden. Super goede smaak en bijna geen onderhoud nodig. Win win (^_^)

Valtteri 2018-08-13
  • Compatible with Storz&Bickel dosing capsules.
  • Excellent vapor quality.
  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Screen needs to be cleaned often (very easy)

First off: I have used many vaporizers extensively (Boundless CFX, Vapcaps, S&B Mighty, Volcano, Davinci Ascent, Arizer Extreme Q) and I must say the Sticky Brick Jr had the best vapor from all of these in my opinion. Super flavorful, thick, potent vapor and a single bowl lasts for so long. This vaporizer performs anywhere, any time. Build quality is also fantastic. It's rugged, the glass is thick and the magnets are strong. Only thing you need with you is a torch lighter. I suggest trying a dual flame torch for a different experience.

Robert Sommer 2018-03-03

I've been smoking for 20+ years, but cant any more because of dental problems..i have tryed other electrical vaporizers, and they are good and deliver deasent to proper vapor...however they are delicat little machines and i am rough type of guy...(meaning that i drop stuff and can break anything) i have droped it 2 times allready, and the magnets held it together both times..awesome, didtent spill the herb.. With the Sticky Brick jr, i'ts the first time it feels real since i stoppe smoking ... i'ts rough and stylish, easy and fun, powerfull and clean tasting vapor... A very recomendebal vaporizer 👍👌

Stephen 2017-09-15

If you are too poor to afford the S&B Mighty and too clever to inhale vapors through plastic and electronics, then get this vape! 10/10 would recommend!

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