Muad-Dib Concentrate Box beoordelingen van klanten

nick vadas 2018-02-02

The service was excellent, I took my device in five days and I already use it. It is the best I have tried in a vaporizer. The only thing I would like to mention is that I did not get the metal packing box and the cleaning brush, without being sure if including. Thank you very much VAPO SHOP!

STORMKRONIC 2015-02-20

Really Really Awesome lil device. Resembling a nautical instrament from the Christopher Columbus period, will surely be a conversation piece among friends. And the mind blowing hits this lil device delivers, is unbelievable. Worth every penny. Also, I must say, the customer service I have recieved from a gentleman named Christophe, at the vaposhop, has been excellent and deserving a 5 star rating. I highly recommend the MUAD-Dib and I also highly recommend Vaposhop. Thanks Vaposhop-thanks Christophe :D

madmen 2014-08-23

The Muad-Dib is a powerful little vap, the taste is better than any other I've tried, it can handle well less pure oils, easy maintenance, but it hit's hard the throat, for every day use it needs an water filter to cool the vapor, an overall good design, maybe more useful for more experienced oil users, powerful experience!

The S Society 2014-08-16

The concentrate process requires less battery power and battery life has thus improved coming from the original which was one of the downsides. The Muad Dib makes people turn their heads, which might not make it the ideal vaporizer to use in public. But then you do get a unique vaporizer that’s really fun to use and enables you to very efficiently consume concentrates, oils or extracts in one quick hit.

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