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US$ 66,94 Gratis verzending

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Fenix vaporizer Specificaties

  • Merk: Fenix by Weecke
  • Verwarmingstechniek: Full convection
  • Schakelt automatisch uit: Ja
  • Garantie: 2 jaar
  • Draagbaar / Desktop: Draagbaar
  • Geschikt voor: Kruiden en olie
  • Manier van inhalatie: Direct (of slang)
  • Opwarmtijd: 30 - 60 seconden
  • Instelbare temperatuur: Ja
  • Temperatuurbereik: 170°C - 210°C
  • Verwisselbare batterij: Nee
  • Batterijcapaciteit: 2200 mAh

Fenix vaporizer

Fabrikant Weecke levert met de Fenix een puike vaporizer af die over alle functies beschikt die je van een portable anno 2017 mag verwachten.

De Fenix beschikt over vier temperatuurstanden, die met een duidelijke en stijlvolle LED aan de bovenzijde van het apparaat worden weergeven:

  • Groen: 170°C
  • Blauw:180°C
  • Paars:190°C
  • Rood:210°C

Fenix Vaporizer - functionaliteit

Smart Puff-Identify module - Kies uit Soft Mode (meer smaak) of Enhanced mode (vollere damp) voor een verschillende manier van inhaleren.

Grote kruidenkamer - De kruidenkamer van de Fenix bevind zich onder het (verwisselbare) mondstuk en biedt ruimte aan zo'n 0.3 gram (vermalen) gedroogd kruid.

Kies uit 4 temperatuurinstellingen - Door twee keer op de power button te drukken kan gekozen worden uit vier temperatuurinstellingen. De kleur van de LED geeft de ingestelde temperatuur weer. De opwarmtijd van de Fenix bedraagt (afhankelijk van de gekozen temperatuur) gemiddeld zo'n 40 seconden.

Geschikt voor gebruik met kruiden of concentraat - Een concentraatcapsule is meegeleverd.


  • 1 Fenix vaporizer
  • 1 Mondstuk
  • 1 Wax & olie houder
  • 1 Schoonmaakborstel
  • 1 Wax gereedschap
  • 1 Micro usb-lader
  • 2 Kleine siliconen ringen
  • 2 Grote siliconen ringen
  • 2 Gaasjes

De batterij van de Fenix vaporizer is niet verwisselbaar. De Fenix laadt op via micro-USB.

Fenix vaporizer beoordelingen van klanten

  • Works perfect and its stealthy (8)
  • Soft touch gripy material (7)
  • Isolated airpath (4)
  • temp and taste options (4)
  • cool look/stealth (3)
  • the straw comes off easily; Not a real issue (6)
  • only 2200 mah battery (4)
  • non removable battery (4)
Mike C 2019-09-07
  • cool look/stealth
  • Decent build quality
  • Isolated airpath
  • Lightweight
  • Soft touch gripy material
  • temp and taste options
  • Works perfect and its stealthy

Lightweight, solid build quality, easy to use, very pleased with this device. Also note that there are at least four other companies selling this exact same device, with their own logos printed on the side for between £100 and £130, so that makes this "Fenix" version a very good deal ! Also, thanks for the free gift (grinder).

Nevernotdrippin 2019-05-05
  • Soft touch gripy material
  • Works perfect and its stealthy

My first vaporizer. Great quality for the price. Fits in pocket. Easy to load, as the herb chamber has a funnel-like, concave opening. Easy to operate as well, no apps or holding a button when drawing, just turn it on, heat up, and hit it. I've never had issues with battery life, granted I've almost always vaped indoors with USB access for loading. The straw comes off easily only when you twist it, it doesn't happen during vaping. It's equally easy to put back too, so not really an issue. I might delve to more expensive vaporizers, but this one will always have a place in my heart, for it was great enough to convince me to switch to vaping. I had quitted smoking cigarettes earlier, but I still smoked joints, so I never felt truly smoke-free. Fenix replaced the joints, and now I can get high with no morning headache or sore throat from the smoke. Like someone's review said, order some screens, cleansing wipes, maybe the glass straw too. Very little extra cost, and you'll run out of wipes eventually anyway because of how much you'll be hitting this piece!

Bruno 2019-02-14
  • cool look/stealth
  • Isolated airpath
  • Soft touch gripy material
  • temp and taste options
  • Works perfect and its stealthy
  • the straw comes off easily; Not a real issue

Great vaporizer. The best I've ever had. been using for a while. I've already had a flowermate, the svaty, a boundless and I have a dynavap M and this one is my favorite, no doubt!

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Fenix vaporizer Vragen

  • Roberto: 2019-07-08 22:46:25
    Hello there :) - I see that the website says the Fenix features a "Patented parallel convection", while I see your shop claims it to be a "oven based" (= primarily conduction based?).. Please, could you shed some light on this doubt of mine? I am actually considering to buy a Fenix 1.0 or 2.0 .. I see the 2.0 is advertised here as "Full convection" ..consistently with Fenix website info. Thanks and ...great site!!
    Hi, it seems that there is a mistake on our website. The Fenix is indeed a convection model. We'll make sure this gets fixed, thanks for your feedback!
  • Faster: 2019-05-29 15:13:19
    Hello, is this the latest version of Fenix vaporiser? Their site shows same product with 4400mah battery.
    Yes this is the latest Version of the original Fenix, it comes with a 2200mah Battery. The 4400mah battery is build in the updated Fenix 2.0 which you can find here: /vaporizers/portable-vaporizers/vaporizer-fenix-20/
  • J. Ravelle: 2019-03-26 01:53:17
    Do the blue rings that attach to the screens come with screen purchase or do you have to buy them separately? If So, how much C$?
    You can find them here /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/fenix-silicone-ring/
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