Boundless CFV (V2) beoordelingen van klanten

Moutris 2016-12-09

Wrong battery stats, small battery life.small vapor production

Sebastian 2016-12-02

I was very undecided until I bought the cfv (leaky mouthpiece ...). Now I m really very happy cause this vape is awesome. Vapor quality is dense and tastes great. I have already ff2, mighty, pax2, grasshopper, arizer air, volcano, plenty, cloud evo, ... and I think this vape is one of the best. Boundless should have made it s bit more expensive and use less plastic. But anyway great performance!

D D 2016-11-17

After owning boundless CF, i had to buy this vape. Build quality is excellent. Small convection vape with ok startup time. The bowl is a little bit smaller than CF but it got heat retention rings, so you can change flavor or with glass one make convection/ conduction mix for cloud chasers. Being a convection vape it uses battery more. After testing i can say you can expect 4 to 5 bowls with full battery which i think is ok. Plus, it supports fast charging which means under hour! I was shocked. You can extract more flavor and use less material. Having said that, it makes smaller clouds than conduction vapes, but just use glass ring if you are into that. Red one, i think is the most stylish vape at the moment.

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