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  • Federico: 2018-12-20 12:05:21
    Hello, in the packaging there is no plug. I'ld like to know wich voltage and amperage to use for not damiging the product. I also have an airvape XS with its plug, can I use that one?
    The AirVape X arrives with a USB charger cable that can be attached to any USB-Port may it be computer or wall adapter. The (only) Voltage supported by USB is 5V. For the current, measured in Ampere, the device just draws as its needs due to the Ohm-Law. Therefor, with connecting it to any USB port with max 5V nothing should go wrong. For the science behind see Ohms Law and www.extremetech.com/computing/115251-how-usb-charging-works-or-how-to-avoid-blowing-up-your-smartphone
  • Ri: 2018-04-12 13:25:22
    Wanneer ziin de accessoires van de Airvape X beschikbaar? (Gaasjes etc.)
    Ze zijn nu beschikbaar! /shop/productgroup/by_id/7754/
  • Patrick : 2018-05-29 23:37:18
    Wie macht man den Vapo Richtung sauber, irgendwie ist er wirklich aber schwer zu säubern. Kann/darf man sie Schrauben aufdrehen?
    Ich habe hier ein Video vom Hersteller selbst über die richtige Reinigung des AirVape X (>>>/watch Bitte entferne keine Schrauben / öffne den Körper des Vaporizer da du so deine Garantie verlieren könntest.
  • Omi: 2018-08-19 21:34:28
    My question regards the warranty of the product. I don't exactly understand what is meant by "limited" if the warranty is "lifetime". Could you please give me some more information on how this warranty works? Thank you in advance. Cheers
    Limited means that the warranty doesn't always apply, or not on every part of the device. For example: usually batteries are not covered by warranty since it is normal that they deteriorate over time. And most warranties don't cover 'normal wear & tear' either. You can see on the manufacturer's website what's included and what isn't: https://airvapeusa.com/pages/warranty-registration

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