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XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad

XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad

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Gebruik de XMAX Starry V2 vaporizer voor concentraten met behulp van dit druppelkussen. Doe je concentraat op het druppelkussen, plaats hem in de kamer van de Starry en het vapen kan beginnen. 

Een verpakking bevat één XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad

Let op: niet te gebruiken met het oudere XMAX Starry model, alleen met de V2. 

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XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad Vragen

HiDoes it fit with 3.0

Yes you can also use this concentrate pad with the updated Starry 3.0.

Whitch quantity of concentrate can i put into the recipient whith the pad? There is no problem if This concentrate is e-liquid?

About the size of a rice-grain of course this amount can be adjusted to your personal preference. The Starry is not suitable to be used with E-Liquids do not fill them in Oven even with the concentrate pad, it will damage the device and void your warranty.

Is this compatible with V3? Can you clean it?Thanks,

The concentrate pads are also compatible with the Starry V3. You can clean them by soaking them in a cleaning solution of your choice and then rinsing them off with hot water but eventually they will have to be replaced.

These fit the V3 as well right?

Yes, they will also fit in your V3.

wie oft kann man es benutzen.mfg Gabriele Krizsanits

Das kommt auf die verwendeten Konzentrate sowie auf deinen Geschmack an, du kannst die Pads aber auch säubern in dem sie in Alkohol einlegst und reinigst.

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