PAX 2/3 Odor Cap (Delta 3D Studios)

PAX 2/3 Odor Cap (Delta 3D Studios)

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The Pax 2/3 Odor cap by Delta 3D Studios are the perfect size to slide over both ends of the Pax 2 or 3 Vaporizer to eliminate odors and protect the vaporizer while not in use. The Odor Caps can be used while charging the vaporizer.

The Odor caps are sold in pairs, one for each end of the vaporizer. They cannot be used while the Pax is running, so make sure the vaporizer is turned off and cooled down prior to putting on the Odor caps. 

 Please Note: The caps will be slightly tight and may be a little difficult to install at first, however the vinyl will stretch with time.  Make sure not to clean the Odor caps with ISO Alcohol as it can damage the material.

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